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TaleCraft is a PVP, play-to-earn card board game, driven by a unique mint and craft mechanic, where players grow more powerful through gamified NFT alchemy. Elemental base cards are sold weekly, allowing only the most skilled alchemists to thrive and progress in this medieval metaverse. All NFT holders will receive AVAX yield generated by the game ecosystem, rewarding the most loyal and skilled holders.

NFT & Token
Deflation System

TaleCraft leverages a brand new type of NFT minting process that balances game design and scarcity, designed to produce a sustainable, long-term economy. Crafting Technology achieves this, in part, by burning base cards to craft higher-tier cards, combing scarcity with game theory. Additionally, when chests are opened with $CRAFT, they are both burnt and used for vital liquidity--bolstering the entire game economy. The NFT’s total supply will be determined and balanced by community demand driven by free market principles.

Open Source
Crafting Technology

TaleCraft leverages the ERC-1155 protocol and the Crafting System is rooted in the features available within this specification. This system can be utilized by any project, partner or artist to generate a sustainable NFT economy driven by actual demand, not arbitrary numbers.

Board Game

TaleCraft’s play-to-earn board game mode allows players to go head-to-head, testing their skills and demonstrating the strength of their alchemy and crafted power. This is an engaging game experience, bringing the NFT crafting and economy to life in an all out medieval battle. A successful victor earns AVAX rewards, generated by the game protocol.

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We bid farewell to outdated NFT minting mechanics of yesterday, and usher in the craft-to-earn mechanics of tomorrow's metaverse!

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